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red, blue, yellow, black, white; pink, orange, purple. flyflyfly~

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1. You can use or repost my works anywhere you want, no need to ask me but please credit: nurichandesu.livejournal.com; nurichandesu@lj, or any way else that you like; as long as it is "nurichandesu".

2. DO NOT steal, alter or claim as yourself. That is NOT nice. So don't do that. Just ask me if you need other graphics, i will very pleased to help.

3. Hotlinking is NOT ALLOWED, because hotlink causes harm to my account. Post to your own host like photobucket.com or imageshack.us, there're many hosts.

4. And last but not least, please please pleaseee comment if taking, and remember, comments are love.

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LJ cài c-box được đó xD
Hôm nào rảnh Hana thử rùi nói Nu :))
Còn ko giờ Nu tự mò đi, xong rồi nói Hana biết xD

ù hôm bữa nu có mò thử nhưng không dính :)) hồi nào Hana thử xem xD mà thật ra nu ít thích c-box, tại thấy type ít chữ quá T T
mà thôi có gì mai mốt cứ cài vào. ai cần viết nhiều thì vào đây :)) với cả type trong này nhìn đẹp hơn nữa :"> :))

lj k cho cbox đâu =)) cả cái wls cũng vại =)) code k xài dc trong trong đây =))

un, có vẻ như là không cho dùng =)) mà v ko thích cbox nên không lưu luyến gì đâu =)) c cũng làm 1 cái đi spam này đi =)) hay muốn xao =))?

làm chi cho mất công =)) khi nào hứng sẽ làm =))

can you add me, please? *-*

yeah, added dear <333
and omg, i see that your works are amazing *___*

Hi, i'm just some random person who happens to love ToHo as well >:)
Well, i'm just wondering if your FO banner is made by you because I love it and would want to credit you or whoever made it ^^
Also, i love your works! Would you mind if i add you so that I would be able to see if you upload any new works - you need not add me back >:D I'm saying this just because you wouldn't suddenly "have a random stranger adding" ^o^

Well, hi first! xD

Yes the FO banner is mine, i said it in my post you see? "FO Banner: nurichandesu", hehe. Anyway if you want to use it i'd love to. You'll wonder why you can use it, because i wrote "don't take pleas" na? Yah i think i'm going to change it soon, so it'd be fine if you use it. And i'm so lad you like it. ^ ^

And of course you can add me dear. Well, i think you just add me then write down on my post: "i'm adding you, add me back?" or st like that, that'll be ok then, no need to ask me before adding. (;
Oh i wonder if you want me to add you back? I have to tell you first that i write a lot blah things on my LJ, so if you just want to see only my graphics, those posts may annoyed you. xP

Yeah, i just saw it Hahaha :D :D :D
Will definitely credit if I use! >:)

It'll totally be cool to add you as a proper Lj friend, so, friends? ^^

Hehe. Mk i added you back. So nice to be friend with you! XD Ah, what should i call you?

Kzy is fine, everyone calls me Kzy ^^
You? Nuri chan? >:D

Yesh. Nurichan or nuchan, even nu, whatever you like. XDD
Kzy?... mk. KZY!!!! XDDDD

Hi, i'm
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<ljuser="kayzackwhy">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Hi, i'm <ljuser="kayzackwhy">, this is my new journal, re-add please ^^

User m_bill referenced to your post from me saying: [...] ts; - my (nick)name is mill, just call me nu. and Rainbow is my another (nick)name. heehee. - i wouldn't say my age, but i was born in 199x. (; - i'm really not good at English My works are available for all, no need to add me. If you wanna know more about me and wanna add me, that would be so great but please comment down here. I don't like random add. at least i have to know who you are and why you want to add me. This entry is also for free talking btw~ Ah ah, wait a sec. I'm not done yet. If you want to take any my work, please READ THIS [...]

thank you a lot. i've just checked.

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