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14: GQ Magazine [1]
my f*cking god till now i can't believe that my nose had bled so much just because of this pic, only 1! yeah i mean GQ magazine will be released this Thursday, 14th *___*

Textures: here


and rules! + enjoy ^ ^

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Very nice. I love the colors. Took some. Will credit.

Oh, goodness, Bill and Tom look so cute. <3 Bill in a top hat? Do want!
And I really like your icons. :D I'm snagging a few. Thanks for sharing them~

yeah absolutely cute. & that top hat is the reason why i bled *__*
oh & thank you ^ ^

I don't know if my body will have blood left with all these great pic...will credit..

yay, bleed it out XD

omg, omg. these are gorgeous!! snagged a lot. i love your colouring and backgrounds!

(Deleted comment)
i love them too *__*
haha kidding
thank you <3

(Deleted comment)
That picture seriously kills me. Thanks for iconizing it! Will credit, natch.

(Deleted comment)
ừa tại đợt đó vừa ra đúng 1 tấm là v lấy làm ngay nên chỉ có thế thôi. =))

(Deleted comment)
dĩ nhiên làm sẽ có kết quả kha khá vì ai cũng "aaaaaaa" vì đợt báo này mà. 8-> =))

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